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Public Equity & Debt Offerings

Simmons & Company International  |  Energy Specialists of Piper Jaffray is one of the leading underwriters for energy companies seeking to access the public markets for equity or debt, with our participation adding instant credibility to an offering.

  • Our capital markets capabilities include expertise in serving as a "lead left" on public equity and equity-linked offerings working with the full Piper Jaffray equity capital markets capabilities
  • We also have deep experience with private common, preferred and convertible equity capital placement capabilities
  • We believe that our significant industry knowledge and transaction expertise allows us to take a very active role in formulating an issuer's marketing strategy along with the creation of the marketing material
  • Our analytical prowess and attention to detail enable us to serve as a credible voice in the valuation of securities, including those in an initial public offering
  • Our deep expertise in energy allows us to effectively communicate issuers' complex business strategies to potential investors in a simple and understandable manner
  • We have extensive and established relationships with almost every significant public energy investor, enhancing our ability to successfully place public offerings
  • Our strong reputation in the institutional investment community as a result of the legacy Simmons & Company market share as a co-lead/co-manager and Piper Jaffray's strong position as a lead book runner aids in the marketing of a public offering
  • The full capabilities of the Piper Jaffray equity capital markets group is described here

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